About Our Hair Restoration Centers

As a leading provider of hair restoration treatments and hair transplants, Koher Medical is your solution for hair loss in NC, SC, MD & PA. That’s right — with hair restoration centers located across multiple states, we’re able to offer our expert services at a medical office convenient to you.

The History of Koher Medical

Dr. Grant Koher founded his dedicated hair loss treatment practice in High Point, NC in 1991. Originally called the Koher Center for Hair Restoration, Koher Medical has since expanded to locations in Mebane and Charlotte, NC; Harrisburg, PA; Greenville, SC; and Cockeysville, MD.

With a proven record of lasting results and excellent outcomes, Koher Medical has helped thousands of men and women restore hair growth to achieve a natural, healthy-looking full head of hair.

Dr. Koher has extensive experience in the hair restoration industry and was instrumental in the creation of the first clinic of its kind in Beijing more than 18 years ago. He also played a large role in the FDA’s approval of the MEP-90 Laser, which has been paramount in restoring healthy hair regrowth patterns for women.

Receive the Koher Advantage

The Koher Advantage is this — reliable hair restoration services that are coupled with decades of experience and industry leadership, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. When you choose Koher Medical as your solution for hair loss, you’ll be setting yourself up for an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Get the look you want by choosing Koher Medical as your source for hair restoration. Contact us online or give our offices a call at 336-841-5899 to set up a free consultation at the Koher Medical location closest to you.

Koher Medical offers hair restoration solutions to patients in NC, SC, PA and MD.