Causes of Hair Loss

African american hair loss starts with the process of miniaturization causing hairs to become thinner by hormonal changes in DHT, Genetics, Chemical or Traction Alopecia.


As mentioned before, hormonal changes are common causes of hair loss in both men and women. Specifically, a hormone called dihydrotestosteron (DHT) may become too prevalent and shorten the growth phase of hairs. This means that the hair does not have a chance to grow as long as before, and periods of shedding may increase resulting in a thinner appearance of the scalp hair overall.

The ways in which DHT affects a person’s hair varies from person to person, and may play a role in female hair loss just as it does with male hair loss. Women who have also gone through or are going through menopause are also more likely to develop hair loss conditions.


Your chances of experiencing hair loss increases if there is another family member with hair loss. The extent of hair loss may differ between family members, and the genetic component of hair loss may come from either side of the family. Both the father and the mother have the ability to pass on genes which result in hair loss.

Traction Alopecia

A common form of hair loss in African American patients is known as traction alopecia, and it is caused by tightly pulled hairstyles such as braiding. The prolonged tension overtime results in destruction of hair follicles and permanent loss of hair. Traction hair loss is commonly seen around hairlines but may be noted over any area of the scalp where tension has occurred. The hair loss occurs gradually over time, and further deterioration of hair follicles may be prevented by changing hairstyles and altering hair care routines to ensure. However, once hair follicles have been destroyed no further hair growth may occur from that area.

Chemical Alopecia

Chemical alopecia is another hair loss condition in which damaging chemicals have been applied to the scalp, resulting in thinning and destruction of hair follicles. Hair treatments such as bleaches, dyes, and relaxers are typically the causes and damage to the hair occurs over repeated treatments. Scalp tenderness and itching may also result from repeated treatments, as the surrounding skin may have been damaged in the process. Further deterioration of hair follicles may be prevented by refraining from hair treatments that result in chemical damage.