Best Hair Restoration Doctor – Dr. Tony Dambro

Upon graduation from Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Family Medicine Residency in 2012, I began a core faculty teaching role at that same residency program. Following a faculty development fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill in 2014, I quickly moved toward a role as Assistant Program Director at that residency. After leaving military service in 2015, I returned to my alma mater, Penn State College of Medicine. Here, I have assumed roles as Family Medicine Clerkship Co-director, Integrated Science Sessions Co-director, faculty advisor/coach, and sit on the undergraduate curriculum committee (CUMED). I also participate in various activities of the Woodward Center for Excellence in Health Sciences Education and in this partnership, will help lead a faculty development initiatives in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

Being a Family Physician my interests are varied and that’s part of what lead me to hair restoration. My wife was a patient at Koher Medical and after seeing her process, I took an interest in applying my skills to this interesting sub-specialty. I have always loved doing technical, out-patient procedures but felt that I wasn’t getting enough of this after my military career. As many others in the hair transplant sphere have found, I’ve also felt drawn to the more artistic component of the field in designing hairlines and graft placement.