How Long is the Surgery?

Surgeries typically take 6-8 hours to complete. Case size, hair type and surgery type play a role in the length of the day. We do break for lunch for around an hour and build in time for patient breaks. Most of the day is spent watching television.

It takes about a week to fully cosmetically heal from a hair transplant. It takes this long for all the small scabs to come off. It’s possible to have some forehead swelling along with minor itching and tenderness. We supply all our patients with detailed post-operative instructors.

Absolutely, patients are allowed to wear a loose-fitting hat immediately following the procedure.

The newly transplanted hair will begin to grow 90 days post op. We get full cosmetic results from a surgery in 15 months. We have check-ups at 6, 12, and 18-months post-surgery.

No, the surgery is performed under local anesthetic. We utilize the same type of numbing medicine the dentist uses. Although the surgery isn’t painful, it is uncomfortable sitting for a long day. For this reason, we ensure that we take ample breaks throughout the day.