Just because your father, and his father, and his father before that suffered from male pattern baldness doesn’t mean that you have to as well. Over 35 million men are affected by hair loss in the United States alone, and the condition is typically inherited and related to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Determining what side of your family is responsible for your hair loss can be tricky as well, as it can come from your mother’s or father’s side and can go back up to three generations.

However, all is not lost if you are a man experiencing hair loss, because Koher Medical has expert hair restoration surgeons, a knowledgeable surgical staff, and a wide range of treatments (both surgical and non-surgical) to combat your thinning hair. If you’re a man suffering from hair loss and want to get back to looking your best, the following techniques are available and expertly practiced at Koher Medical:

  • Hair Transplantation. A hair transplant is a procedure that moves hair from the back and sides of the head and moves it to the thinning areas of the scalp. It’s been shown to be the most effective treatment for hair loss in both women and men, and the surgeons of Koher Medical are particularly experienced with this procedure. With over 25 years of experience and over 15000 patients treated, it’s sure to be a strong option for helping your hair loss at Koher Medical.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (Neograft) This is a method of hair transplantation that utilizes an FUE Machine to extract follicles one by one from the patient’s scalp. The benefits of this treatment are typically minimal scarring when compared to the strip procedure (which also leaves very little scarring) and can be less invasive for some patients. Koher Medical currently uses Neograft as its machine of choice.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and ACell technology. This refers to a series of injections that target hair loss in both men and women. PRP is a solution that comes from using the healing plasma of your own blood, while ACell refers to proteins that are used to strengthen compromised or weakened hair follicles. Treatments will need to be scheduled a few times a year, but results have been very promising.
  • Low-level Laser Therapy. The use of Near Infrared Light (NIR) on the scalp is to promote hair growth and help the healing processes of skin. Therapeutic light pulses can potentially help stimulate follicles for stronger and healthier hair, and may aid in reducing inflammation and healing wounds, tissue, and nerves. Portable laser devices are now available for use in the comfort of your home, such as the Theradome Laser Helmet.
  • Minoxidil. Also known as Rogaine, this is a topical solution that may assist both men and women with hair regrowth temporarily. Minoxidil, however, doesn’t just add hair — it has been shown to thicken and strengthen hair follicles temporarily when used on a consistent basis. It’s often combined with other treatments to maximize effectiveness.

Excellence in the Art of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a hair restoration surgery that works by moving hair from the back and sides of your head to the thinning or balding areas on the top of your scalp. Dr. Koher and the surgeons of Koher Medical are particularly experienced with this procedure, having over 35 years of experience and having performed over 15,000 hair transplants nationally and internationally.

If you’re looking for a solution to your hair loss, you can trust the surgeons and staff of Koher Medical to deliver a world class experience and state of the art cosmetic results. No matter what your hair loss situation, Koher Medical is ready and willing to offer our expertise and years of experience.

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