Hair Transplant Cost

How We Price for FUT & FUE

How much does hair transplantation cost? It is the most common question we get. There are several factors we must consider when determining price. We need to understand patients desired outcome and then craft a surgical plan to achieve those goals. Each patient is truly unique. Hair type, donor density and hair thickness all vary from patient to patient. During your no-charge consultation we can determine the appropriate number of grafts to achieve your desired outcome.

Pricing Table
Procedure Price per Graft Minimum Grafts Starting At
FUT Transplant $5 1,000 $5,000
FUE Transplant $6 1,000 $6,000
Prices start at $5000 for FUT and $6000 for FUE

Cost Per Graft

Hair transplantation surgery is typically priced on a per graft basis. There are 1-4 hairs per follicular unit or graft. We obtain these grafts via the two surgical techniques, either FUT or FUE.


In the FUT scenario we harvest a strip of tissue from the permanent donor area from there we surgically isolate each graft that is needed. In the FUE scenario we individually extract each hair follicle using micro punches. FUE transplant cases are more expensive that FUT because of the additional time required to individually extract each graft.

FUE & FUT Pricing

Our current pricing for FUT transplant is $5.00 per graft, with a minimum case size of 1000 grafts and $6.00 per graft for FUE transplant with a minimum case size of 1000 grafts. As the case size increases, we reduce the price per graft.

How Many Grafts?

Each patient is very different, so it is the amount of hair loss a patient may have. The scope of the surgery is determined by the amount of area that the patient would like covered. From there we need to take into consideration hair type and donor density. This allows us to give an accurate number of grafts required to achieve a patients desired outcome. The image below can give our patients a general idea of the number of grafts required to complete their case.


We work with 2 different financing providers. For patients looking for 0% financing we recommend CareCredit. We offer their 18 month 0% option. Patients that are looking for a longer-term solution we recommend Allegacy Federal Credit Union, they offer 72 month financing. Click here to pay a bill with CareCredit.