The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the USA – 2024 Updated List

The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the USA – 2024 Updated List

There are hundreds, if not thousands of doctors performing hair transplants across the United States. Many people wish to visit the best doctor available, not simply a local doctor or cosmetic physician also performing transplants. This list takes a methodical, quantitative, and qualitative approach to measuring the top hair transplant doctors in the USA. 

To begin, this is our ranking criteria:

  • Number of Transplants Performed (25%): Logically, doctors who have performed more transplants are given preference over doctors with less experience.
  • Years Practicing Hair Restoration (25%): While years practicing and skill is not a direct correlation, the correlation will be strong. 
  • Honors and Awards (20%): Organizations such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) honor physicians who have distinguished themselves in the field of hair restoration. 
  • Clinic Location(s) (5%): Generally, physicians in larger metropolitan areas see more patients and have more networking opportunities with other specialists in the field. 
  • Average Patient Reviews (25%): At the end of the day, patient reviews are a primary metric which should be considered when determining which hair transplant doctors are at the top of the field. 

The table below ranks the 10 best hair transplant doctors in the United States. Note: Each of these doctors is superb in the art of hair restoration and a patient could not go wrong choosing any of them. However, based on the ranking criteria, we have sorted them in this order.

The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the USA

DoctorTransplants PerformedYears Practicing Hair RestorationHonors & AwardsClinic Location(s)Average Patient Reviews
Dr. Grant Koher~ 20,000 +30+Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Harrisburg, PA; High Point, NC; Wilmington, NC4.4/5
Dr. Ron Shapiro~18,00025Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Golden Follicle Award
Minneapolis, MN4.4/5
Dr. Glenn Charles~ 15,00026Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Boca Raton, FL4.4/5
Dr. Sharon Keene~12,50025Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Tuscon, AZ4.1/5
Dr. Alan Bauman~ 10,00027Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Boca Raton, FL4.1/5
Dr. Nicole Rogers~ 7,500 – 8,50017Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
New Orleans, LA5/5
Dr. Parsa Mohebi~ 8,000 – 10,00018Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Los Angeles, CA; Beverly Hills, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA4.7/5
Dr. Sam Lam~ 6,000 – 8,00015Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Golden Follicle Award
Dallas, TX4.9/5
Dr. Daniel McGrath~ 5,000 – 6,00012Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX4.9/5
Dr. Sara Wasserbauer~ 4,500 – 5,50011Fellow: ISHRS
Diplomate: ABHRS
San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Walnut Creek, CA5/5

The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the USA, Descriptions & Reviews

The section below gives a brief write-up of each physician and a summer of their online reviews.

Dr. Grant Koher

Dr. Grant Koher is a Founding Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and has performed more hair transplants personally than nearly any other hair transplant doctor in the world. Additionally, Dr. Koher has had a procedure completed by his own team, displaying his commitment to training his surgical staff for excellence. 

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Koher performs procedures with the “utmost care and professionalism” and is “by far the best when it comes to meeting customer expectations.”

Dr. Ron Shapiro

Dr. Ron Shapiro is a world renowned hair restoration physician and is a co-author of a major medical textbook, Hair Transplantation, 4th Edition. He is a recipient of the Golden Follicle Award for his work in hair restoration, which is given to physicians who make outstanding contributions in the advancement of hair transplantation surgery.

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Shapiro runs “a first-class organization” and the team works together “like a well-rehearsed ballet”.

Dr. Glenn Charles

Besides his work as a world renowned hair transplant physician, Dr. Charles is the Author and EDitor of Hair Transplantation and Hair Transplant 360, two of the most widely recognized hair transplant textbooks. He is also one of the first physicians in the world to acquire the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System. 

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Charles and his staff “pay attention to detail and are available at all times” and “his office is great, nurses are amazing, and he is obviously knowledgeable and talented.”

Dr. Sharon Keene

Dr. Keene is a recipient of the ISHRS Platinum Follicle Award, considered to be one of the highest recognitions in the field of hair restoration. She prides herself on maintaining high ethics in all she does and performing some of the highest quality hair transplant procedures in the world. 

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Keene and her team “do everything by hand, no outsourcing to a robot” and are “skilled and artful in extracting and placing grafts”.

Dr. Alan Bauman

Dr. Bauman began his hair transplant practice in 1997 and has seen over 34,000 patients and conducted 12,000 hair transplant surgeries to date. He carries his patient-centered philosophy every day with him in his practice. 

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Bauman “took time to listen and seemed genuinely concerned/great bedside manner”. Another patient remarked, “My experience with Dr. Bauman and his team was very satisfying from the start to the present.”

Dr. Nicole Rodgers

Dr. Nicole Rogers is a board-certified dermatologist and a graduate of Harvard University and Tulane University Medical School. She has released numerous articles on surgical and medical treatments for hair loss including new techniques in hair transplantation and low-level light therapy. 

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Rogers is “warm, caring, and extremely informative” and one patient said, “I wish all doctors were like Dr. Rodgers”. 

Dr. Parsa Mohebi

Dr. Mohebi is an internationally recognized hair transplant surgeon and known for his achievements in refining and advancing modern hair restoration techniques. He is the inventor of the Laxomete, which precisely measures the mobility of a patient’s scalp to optimize would closure for strip hair transplants.

Summary of Online Reviews
A common theme among patients is “I could not be happier with the results” and they wish to “express their happiness” regarding the outcome of their procedure. 

Dr. Sam Lam

Dr. Lam attended Princeton University and the Baylor College of Medicine where he graduated with distinction. He is the winner of the 2022 Golden Follicle Award given by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons. He has written textbooks on hair transplants and is distinguished as one of the top experts in the field.

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Lam’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with patients saying “results far exceeded my expectations” and that he and the staff are “friendly, knowledgeable, and professional”.

Dr. Daniel McGrath

Dr. McGrath is a Past-President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and learned hair restoration underneath some of the world;s best surgeons. He has dedicated his practice to both FUE and FUT transplants.

Summary of Online Reviews
One patient said “I cannot say enough great things about McGrath Medical”, another remarked, “I was blown away by the customer service and answers provided”.

Dr. Sara Wasserbauer

 Dr. Wasserbauer is a Diplomate of the ABHRS and Fellow of the ISHRS. She is a regular resource for news media, blogs, podcasts, and forums on hair loss and treatment. She writes a monthly article for the ISHRS Hair Transplant Forum and is a Past-President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons. 

Summary of Online Reviews
Dr. Wasserbauer “is simply the best” and “a wonderful doctor, who gives you time and consideration and is very detailed and skilled”.

The Top Hair Transplant Surgeries by Procedure Type

Below, we’ve given the top hair transplant surgeons for both FUE and FUT procedures. 

Top FUE Surgeons

Below is a list of the top FUE surgeons in the USA.

1Dr. Grant Koher
2Dr. Bradley Wolf
3Dr. Ken Anderson
4Dr. Jerry Cooley
5Dr. Daniel McGrath

Top FUT Surgeons

In this table, we’ve included the top FUT surgeons in the USA.

1Dr. Ron Shapiro
2Dr. Grant Koher
3Dr. Scott Boden
4Dr. Glenn Charles
5Dr. Nicole Rogers

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